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8th International Conference on Climate and Energy (ICCE-8) - Frankfurt, Germany

An Alternative View on Climate Change and Green Energy
"Fracking, Green Energy and Climate Change" could be the title of our International Conference on Climate and Energy in Frankfurt, Germany October 17 2014.Just six weeks ahead of the UN Climate Conference in Lima (Peru) our international scientists and experts, present pressing evidence to reconsider the current policies aimed at "saving the climate".


7th International Conference on Climate and Energy (ICCE-7)

The conference is based on the fact that the scientific debate is not over and that a critical scientific and economic analysis is more important than ever. The real science and economics of climate change support the view that global warming is not a crisis and that immediate action to reduce emissions is not necessary. This is, in fact, the emerging consensus view of scientists outside the IPCC and most economists outside environmental advocacy groups.


European Resource Bank

‘Threats to freedom and the road to prosperity'
The Resource Bank meetings attempt to build a "Bank" of human capital - the ultimate resource in the enterprise of freedom; create and renew the ties between the participating organizations which themselves coagulate human capital in the fight for a free world.


Free Market Road Show

Values worth fighting for
"Values worth fighting for" is this year's motto and will discuss the base morals and principles of state spending. What to expect from government and how to hold them accountable will be discussed, along with possible state bankruptcies. "How does the state finance its debt?"


The Fourth International Conference on Climate Change

May 15 - 18, 2010 - Chicago
The Fourth International Conference on Climate Change will call attention to the growing divide between what science has to say about the causes, scale, and consequences of climate change, on the one hand, and what politicians and the media say on the other hand.


Property Rights of the World

Presentation of the International Property Rights Index 2010
Secure property rights are essential for the functioning of market economies and thus for the creation of prosperity. This applies to the developed industrial countries as well as for the developing countries, where there is disregard of individual property rights meaning many people are unable to escape poverty.


International Climate Conference - Berlin

Climate Change Reconsidered
The conference is based on the fact that the scientific debate is not over and that economic analysis is more important than ever, just days ahead of the 15th UN conference on climate change. The real science and economics of climate change support the view that global warming is not a crisis and that immediate action to reduce emissions is not necessary. This is, in fact, the emerging consensus view of scientists outside the IPCC and most economists outside environmental advocacy groups.


Property Rights in Central and East European Countries

Developments after the Transformation Process
In post-communist countries property rights have been, and still are, a controversial social and political issue. After the political upheavals and during the transition process, property rights had to be redefi ned and new mechanisms of protection had to be institutionalised. Nearly two decades after the collapse


European Resource Bank Meeting 2009

Marseille, France
To promote individual rights, free market and limited government is, broadly defined, the daily business of our institutes and think tanks. But do we do it well? Can we improve the productivity of our time and efforts? Can we increase the chances of reaching our goals?To learn about these issues and to discuss them with other thin tanks, join us in Marseille!


Language of Liberty Camp

In cooperation with the KoLiber
Join us for the first German Polish Liberty Camp where individuals are prepared to develop the civil institutions of free societies, whether in emerging democracies, developing countries, or our over-regulated and over-governed countries of the West.


Climate Conference

Questioning the Mainstream
Despite the claims of climate alarmists there is need to debate climate science. Four experts in natural sciences and economics will present their view how to deal with change.


Third International Conference on Climate Change

Washington DC
An international conference calling attention to widespread dissent to the asserted "consensus" on the causes, consequences, and proper responses to climate change.


Free Currency - The Future of Money

International Conferene
Due to the financial crisis capitalism and market economy is not only under scrutiny. Moreover socialist ideas and state interventionism are staging a comeback. Now liberal thoughts are fettly criticised: do we find appropriate solutions for the present economic crises? Are we able to...


"Tax Morality and the Need to...."

Prof. Charles Beat Blankart, Humboldt University - Berlin
In Germany, people talk about income taxes not only in how they can either be simplified or reformed, but also how they can be evaded. This was especially true in the past few months. The issue of tax evasion has garnered special attention and led to discussions on prevention.


Cooperative Entrepreneurship



Climate Change - Is Man Really to Blame? - What Should Be Done Now?

Panel Discussion
Climate and the discussion of climate policy is still a hot topic. This is demostrated to us daily by the new laws and regulations being placed in our legal code and how the media is bombarding us with "weather" related stories everyday and associating them with climate change.


Property Rights of the World

Presenation of the International Property Rights Index 2008
Secure property rights are essential for the functioning of market economies and thus for the creation of prosperity. This applies to the developed industrial countries as well as for the developing countries, where there is disregard of individual property rights meaning many people are unable to escape poverty.


Pension Reform - Existing Alternatives

Lecture with José Piñera
José Piñera's presentation entitled, "Towards a World of Worker Capitalists through Pension Reform: An Insight into the Implementation of the Reform and the Practice of 'New' System," gave us an insight into the world of pension reform and personal savings accounts as retirement funds for Chilean citizens and people worldwide. The lecture was part of the IUF-event "Competition Matters - Success Factors of an Economy."


Competition Matters - Success Factors of an Economy

What Determines Success and What does this mean for Policy?
Competition for global investment is a top priority for any nation of the world. During the IUF event: "Competition Matters - Success Factors for an Economy," several speakers gave presentations on some of the issues that face a nation in providing for the best environment for international investment in a given country.


The Culture of Tax and Fiscal Sovereignty

Lichetenstein from a Different Perspective
The debate over tax competition and protecting national sovereignty are keys issues that every country faces. Recently, Germany was in a discussion with Liechtenstein over these very same issues. How do you find the middle ground between tax competition between countries and their traded commodities and their own national sovereignty?


Cost Explosion in the German Healthcare System - Are Cost-Benefit Assessments a Solution?

International Event with the Stockholm Network
The German health spending has seen a dramatic rise in the last four decades quadrupling in real terms. As our society ages, this trend will accelerate in the future. The population has a fett resistance to power restrictions, but the health insurance contributions are already perceived as too high. Against this background; is there a need for a health technology assessment (Health Technology Assessment or HTA)?


The Fascination of the Teachings of Salvation - The Road to Serfdom

Produced in cooperation with FNSt Gummersbach and BFdW
Against the backdrop of German history a question arises; How so soon after the collapse of the GDR, did the extreme left positions in the East and West increase in supply? Also needing an explanation is the rise of right-wing positions in a time when the National Socialism is still in the collective memory of the German people?


Is there a culture clash in Europe with Islam already taking place or is this still avoidable?

Panel discussion with N. Ülkekul and I. Johnson
Since 2003, The Hackesche Internal Circle is a group discussion of the CDU District Association of Berlin. This is an event open to all interested parties where Nezih Ülkekul and Ian Johnson discussed "Whether there is a culture clash in Europe with Islam that is already taking place or is this culture clash still avoidable?


From the Social to the Socialist Market Economy - Governance in Germany after 1945

Round of talks with Dr. Michael von Prollius
The social market economy was a trademark for a miraculous reconstruction after the Second World War with a steadily growing prosperity to the beginning of the seventies. Today especially, from this regulatory model of the political slogan "social market economy," it remains based on the regulatory model of state-led economic welfare.


Clean Subsidies? Promotion of Renewable Energies

With Prof. Beat Blankart and Steffen Hentrich
For years in Germany, so-called renewable energy sources have been promoted. This promotion is done primarily by the payment of direct and indirect subsidies. Against the background of rising energy prices and climate change, this event critically examined the question of "to what extent the current practice of subsidies is capable of promoting the reduction of the use of fossil fuels in the long term."


Intern With Us in Berlin

Help us share the message of freedom
The Institute for Free Enterprise (Institut für unternehmerische Freiheit), Germany's free market think tank, is seeking interns to help us spread the message of economic liberty and political freedom in Germany and throughout Europe.


Freedom or Utopia?

A lecture by Sasha Tamm


Economic Rights and Prosperity

Barun Mitra, Liberty Institute, New Delhi
In many developing countries a large part of the society is still living in poverty. Considering the decades of development assistance and the booming world economy we should look for the obstacles that prevent societies from becoming wealthy.Barun Mitra from the Liberty Institute in New Delhi, India, will name the major...


Obstacles for Entrepreneurs

A Lecture by Till Bartelt, Werner Bonhoff Stiftung


Rally to Free Kareem Amer at the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin

Promoting Freedom Worldwide
Please join us at the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin on Friday November 9th at 1pm to show your support for Kareem. Kareem Amer is a writer and blogger from Egypt who always found the courage within him to keep speaking his mind freely in the name of not only freedom of speech, but the freedom to think in an otherwise sheltered society. Because of that, he has been sentenced to four years in prison.


The Economy of Enjoying

A lecture by Alfred Reimann
Must it always concern "the love of money"? From this question Alfred Reimann poses the next question: Which connection exists between own positive feelings of enjoyment and one's own economic decisions and actions? Alfred Reimann will present his answers and thoughts to this question and discuss them with participants.


How To Start and Develop A Business

A lecture by Prof. G. Faltin
Professor Dr. G. Faltin of the Free University of Berlin, will speak about free enterprise in Germany and will focus on the importance of specialized economic knowledge, bureaucratic hurdles, and necessary capital.


Good Intentions, Good Outcome? How Government Wants to Save the Environment

A lecture by Steffen Hentrich
Steffen Hentrich will consider environmental questions and problems in his lecture, and contend that they are generally the consequence of market failure, or in some cases, the inevitable result of the existence of markets. He will explain that in both interpretations of the problem, the fundamental misunderstanding of environmental issues is the result of a misunderstanding of markets.


After the Rose Revolution - Economic Successes, Problems and Opportunities in Modern Georgia

Talk by Paata Sheshelidze
The "Rose Revolution" of 2003 in Georgia led to the resignation of president Eduard Shevardnadze and to high expectations for the country's future. In the streets, the people of Tbilisi demanded the end of corruption in politics and economics.


European Freedom Summit - Berlin 2 - 3 June 2007

International Conference
„The human is born in freedom and lives in bondage." in this words Jean-Jaques Rousseau express his disgust about the absolut-monarchy of the 18. century. The state of the 18. century gives to the individuals the illusion to be more reasonable than the Individuums, similar as today. At the European Freedom Summit, which takes place in Berlin at the first weekend in June, the lectures talk about the imminent dangers for Freedom in the 21. century and looking for some ways to smash the force of the state. In different ways states legitimize their attack to individual freedom, often by Myth. For the modern state are three myth most important: 1. Security instead of freedom 2. social welfare instead of freedom 3. ecology instead of freedom. This three types of Myth were discussed at the European Freedom Summit.


Berlin Climate Conference

Conference organized by IUF, EIKE and CFACT
The Institute For Free Enterprise, together with the European Institute for Climate and Energy and CFACT Europe, hosted a conference on current climate affairs in Berlin (Germany). The conference included presentations given by Dr. S. Fred Singer, the former President of the US Weather Satellite Service who also served as an IPCC reviewer, and Ernst Georg Beck, a lecturer and biologist from Freiburg (Germany).


The European Constitution - A Failed Project?

IUF Event 16 January 2007 - Berlin / Retrospective
When two EU member states rejected the new European constitution debate over the document started again and more questions arose. Do these rejections mean that the idea of a common European constitution has failed forever? Are there alternatives? Do we need a European constitution at all? What should one look like?


The European Constitution - a failed Project?

IUF with Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Kirchner
Germany takes over the EU Presidency from Finland on 1 January 2007 and Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her willingness to use the six months of the presidency to revive the EU constitutional process.Following the rejection of the constitution by French and Dutch voters last year the process came to a standstill. Merkel wants to push the agenda so that by June, 2007 the then 27 EU governments will be able to agree on it.


Invitation: IUF Year End Celebration 8.12.2006

The Institute for Free Enterprise (IUF) cordially invites you to its first Year End Celebration. Join us for cocktails, Glühwein and a festive buffet. We look forward to seeing you.


IUF Health Care Wednesday & Book Launch

Counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the US and UK health systems, will be the topics of the IUF Health Wednesday on 25 October 2006. Experts from the US and UK will discuss the myths and realities of both health care systems. Practical examples will be used to show the real conditions of American health care and we will examine how these correspond to actual market principles.


Retrospective: IUF Reform Summit 2006 Berlin

It's Really Not So Difficult!
That is how the tenor of many of the presentations at the Institute for Free Enterprise's first summit on reform could be summarized. Approximately 100 interested parties who are active in the political, scientific and economic arenas attended the summit, which took place at the Maritim Hotel in Berlin.

Yes, I want current messages of the Institute for Free Enterprise:


Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973)

"All people, however fanatical they may be in their zeal to disparage and to fight capitalism, implicitly pay homage to it by passionately clamoring for the products it turns out."

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