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Current IUF events at a glance


The New Science and Economics of Climate Change

Tenth International Conference on Climate Change (#ICCC10)
The conference will explore these important questions: Is it time for Congress to take a fresh look at climate science and examine the economic impacts of past and current laws? Is it time for Congress to explore better science-based policies for energy and the environment? In short: Isn't it time to start over on the question of global warming?


Venezuela - A Failing Utopia

A Critical Asessment of Planned Growth
16 years after Hugo Chavez moved Venezuela towards socialism, the country is facing an ever deepening economic, social and political crisis. The Venezuelan expert José Cordeiro will present how interventionist policies failed to use the country's enormous oil reserves to create large scale wealth.


Singularity - How Technology and Artificial Intelligence impact our Lives

Why the Future is bright
In a time when the end of the world is announced on a regular basis, it seems to be naive to be optimistic about the future. But the Venezuelan scientist, futurist, economist, engineer and columnist, Dr. José Luiz Cordeiro shows, how technology will bring us a bright future.


International Conference on Climate and Energy

The Answer to the 18 Year Pause of Global Warming
According to the "World Climate Council" IPCC there is no global warming for the last 18 year. But despite this obvious discrepancy between alarmist climate models and empirical data, the world's political leaders won't stop...

Yes, I want current messages of the Institute for Free Enterprise:


Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992)

"If we wish to preserve a free society, it is essential that we recognize that the desirability of a particular object is not sufficient justification for the use of coercion"

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